Plantation Shutters in Marco Island, FL

We sell custom made plantation shutters to fit all types of windows, with many styles of framing; made from vinyl, composite, or wood. These shutters can be painted or stained a specific color, or you may select a standard color from Hunter Douglas. Our shutters are professionally measured and installed.

For french doors or entry doors a "cut-out" for the handle is available. You may select to have the front "tilt bar" hidden from view on the back side of the shutter panel. We also make shutters for large doors or window walls, where the panels ride on top tracks and by-pass each other.  

Many customers believe that wood shutters will warp over time. Actually, if the shutters are of good quality, and the wood has been properly prepared for the making of the shutter, there is little chance of warping. Wood shutters have many benefits such as being much lighter in weight, thus being able to make larger panels; wood shutters can be re-painted if they get scratched, which plastic or vinyl cannot; wood shutters do not yellow as some plastic or vinyl shutters can.

Hunter Douglas has three lines of shutters: Heritance, New Style, and Palm Beach. You can learn the characteristics of each by clicking the above link.

Shutters become an integral part of your home, a rather permanent window treatment, and very often are left on their own without any other treatment at the window.