Should You Get Motorized Blinds or Motorized Shades?

Motorized window treatments are a great way to get the most out of your home’s natural lighting. With Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization you can automatically set your blinds or shades to move throughout the day with the sun to ensure that you’re continuously maintaining perfect light control and protecting what’s inside your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays. PowerView® Motorization operates with a simple app for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to control your window treatments from anywhere with different preset shading options that operate with the Pebble Scene Controller. If technology isn’t your forte and you would rather not use an app, you can also opt for the Pebble Remote Control, which allows you to operate your window treatments throughout the day with just a few clicks of a button and no app. The remotes are available in a wide spectrum of colors so that you can choose the best shade for your space.

To have motorized window treatments, you first have to choose between adorning your space with either blinds or shades. While your home may prosper with either blinds or shades, choosing which option will best suit your windows can be tricky. Shades are a great option if you want light diffusion with your windows, but also want to maintain some shade. Many of Hunter Douglas’ shade options allow light to filter through and do not create a completely dark effect when fully closed, allowing your space to prosper in natural light without it being overwhelming. Some shades, like Hunter Douglas’s honeycomb shades, allow for energy efficiency in your home, as they trap air in cellular pockets to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Paired with PowerView® Motorization, Hunter Douglas’ cellular shades can be programed to drastically improve your home’s efficiency.

Blinds tend to provide more darkening options for a space and can block more light than translucent shades generally do. With the option of horizontal blinds, you can also cover large windows and glass doors with options for materials in either vinyl, fabric, or aluminum. For smaller spaces, horizontal blinds come in beautiful hardwood blinds, which look classic and add charm to any space. While hardwood blinds are known to show wear from warm and humid climates, Hunter Douglas offers mixed material blinds that mimic the look and feel of real hardwood blinds, but will not warp or chip no matter what the weather has in store. Hunter Douglas also has the option of aluminum blinds which provide a clean, contemporary look for your space without hurting your wallet.

Whether you choose blinds or shades to complement your PowerView® Motorization, Hunter Douglas window treatments are beautiful additions to any room. If you’re living in the Greater Naples area of Florida (including East Naples, Goodland, and the Marco Island area) stop by The Drapery Corner to view their Hunter Douglas showroom and speak with a professional on what window treatment will best fit your space.