Hunter Douglas Shades for your Home

All of Hunter Douglas’s window treatments are designed to be beautiful and effective in your homes, and at Blind & Drapery Corner, we believe that all of them are fantastic choices for any homeowner. But we wanted to take a moment to highlight the many benefits of Hunter Douglas shades and why you should consider having them installed in your home.


Hunter Douglas is known for their variety, and nowhere is that more apparent than in their shades. There is a set of Hunter Douglas shades for any homeowner, regardless of their needs or design sensibilities. While you know essentially what you are getting with blinds or shutters, shades are a much more expansive category, and so if you have a specific need for the window treatments in your home, we recommend checking out shades.


The sun is one of the biggest ways that homeowners lose money. How, you ask? By allowing sunlight into your home, you are going to be raising the temperature indoors, and in order to compete, you have to continually play catch-up with the thermostat. If you’re tired of doing this, we have a solution: Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades. By placing these unique shades on your window, you can not only block out the sun’s rays, but you can also block warm air from entering your home and your air conditioning from leaving, saving you money.


In the morning and in the evening, the sun can strike some frustrating angles as it enters into your home. Often you have to make sure choice of whether you want to block out those annoying rays or close your window treatments completely. With Hunter Douglas shades, you have the option to never make that choice again. Various Hunter Douglas shades have the option to be closed from the top and bottom simultaneously, giving you unprecedented freedom for how you want your window treatments to be organized.


Because the category of shades is so expansive, the number of styles that you can choose for your Hunter Douglas shades is huge. If you truly want the most options from your Hunter Douglas shades, we recommend choosing Roman shades. These beautiful shades are made from top-quality fabrics that can be patterned or textured to match any of your design specifications.

Have we convinced you that Hunter Douglas shades are a great choice for any homeowner? If so, stop by Blind & Drapery Corner in Marco Island, Florida today to order yours. We also proudly serve the greater Naples area, including East Naples and Goodland.